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Chando’s Taco Kits are the perfect option for small gatherings. Order ahead, pickup the day of your event.

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Having a big event? Bring the Chando’s Trucks or the Chando’s Open Flame to your event


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2 Mulitas + 1 Fountain Drink

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Chando's Dream

A dream that started as catering in peoples backyards, slowly became a family owned business. In 2010 Lisandro Madrigal, also known as Chando, and his family opened their very first location in Arden Way. With the help of the Sacramento community the business was able to grow and open ten different locations all around the area. Chandos Tacos keeps making a change, one taco a day

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Claudine C - Chando's Elk Grove
Claudine C - Chando's Elk Grove
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I've been searching for a good grilled fish taco for a great price and here at Chando's I think I may have found it! Great variety of dishes prepared fresh upon order. This place is friendly and clean.
Alyssa M - Chando's Buckhead
Alyssa M - Chando's Buckhead
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I've had the quesadilla before and they were amazing but I wanted to switch it up for a little crunch and these carne asada nachos are a HIT! My quick go-to taco shop!
Alex H - Chando's Power Inn
Alex H - Chando's Power Inn
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Customer service was impeccable arrived at peak lunch hour and was still served in a timely matter with a friendly smile! The tacos have never failed me and speak for themselves!
Darren C - Chando's Fair Oaks
Darren C - Chando's Fair Oaks
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Is this chicken the best I've ever had? .... Um. YES. Man they smoke this chicken or grill it or something to do it because WOW. The chicken Quesadilla is INCREDIBLE! I have had in three times now. Brought it home to my family too. Always great. We all Love it. Yes to Chando's everytime.
Jayson T  - Chando's Arden
Jayson T - Chando's Arden
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Good tacos, very fast and they went the extra mile staying open to make my order when they were closed. Highly recommend Chandos tacos
Erin P - Chando's Arden
Erin P - Chando's Arden
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My husband and I stopped at Chando's after a car salesman had recommended it. We knew we wanted Mexican food and they were quick to recommend it! After taking my first bite, I looked at my husband and said, "we need to move to Sacramento." Because it was SO GOOD.

We have options for any occasion

Family Packs

We have 3 different options of Family Packs.

Family Pack
1 Pound of protein feeds about 2-3 people.
Family Pack XL
2 Pounds of protein feeds about 4-6 people.
Mor options available.

All of the packs come with: Protein, tortillas, onion, cilantro, red/green salsa, limes, radish, chips, and pico.

Recommended for parties of:
2 - 10 Guest

Can be ordered for delivery using Doordash, UberEats. Also can be ordered at any of our convenient locations.

Taco Kits

When you order a Taco Kit it will give you the option to order however many tacos as you like.

If you order 50 tacos or more then you are eligible for complimentary chips and pico. We will only add the meat to the tortilla and place all the toppings on the side. Toppings include onion, cilantro, salsa, guacamole, limes, and radish.

Recommended for parties of:
10 - 75+ Guest

Our Taco Kits require to be order 2 days in advance. Your order can be picked up at any Chando's Tacos Restaurant.

Food Truck

The Open Flame set up will come with your very own Taqueros, three different types of protein options, Asada, Adobada, and Chicken. All of the meat will be freshly cooked on site right before your eyes and tacos are served directly from the BBQ grill.

Food Truck – Tacos served directly from the Chandos food truck. All of the toppings go on a side table for your guest to add them on. Toppings include onion, cilantro, salsa (red and green), guacamole, limes, radish, chips and pico.

Recommended for parties of:
Min 75 - 250 Guest

The best option for large events. Weddings, Corporate Parties,