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The wonderful thing about our menu is that you can customize it as much as you like. You can order a veggie taco with no cheese or you can also order a Veggie Burrito Bowl with no cheese and no sour cream.

All of our corn tortillas are gluten-free. We make our corn tortillas and use the traditional nixtamal. That being said, you can order any of our tacos that come in a corn tortilla. Also, you can order our Quesataco, which is a taco with a cheese shell instead of a tortilla.

Visit our Chandostacos.com website and on the top right you will see a tab under Locations. All of our locations will show up and you will be able to find the phone number and address of each one.

All of our Chando’s Tacos locations are open Monday-Sunday. Sunday-Thursday we are open 10 am to 9 pm and on Friday-Saturday we are open 10 am to 10 pm

For us to cater your special event you can either visit our Chandostacos.com website and click on the Catering tab where then you will be able to request a date in our calendar or you can email our Catering coordinator to catering@chandostacos.com where he will be more than happy to assist you with any catering information you may need

When you order a Taco Kit it will give you the option to order however many tacos as you like. Each taco cost $3.92. We usually recommend 3 tacos per person. If you order 50 tacos or more then you are eligible for complimentary chips and pico. We will only add the meat to the tortilla and place all the toppings on the side. Toppings include onion, cilantro, salsa, guacamole, limes, and radish.

We have 3 different options of Family Kits. The first one is the regular Family Taco Kit that comes with 1 pound of meat and it feeds about 2-3 people. The second one is Family Taco Kit XL which comes with 2 pounds of meat and it feeds about 4-6 people. The third one is the Family Taco Kit XXL which comes with 4 pounds of meat, and feeds about 8-10 people, but is only available to order over the phone or in person. All of the kits come with: meat, tortillas, onion, cilantro, red/green salsa, limes, radish, chips, and pico.

The Family Taco Kit is more of a taco bar where each person adds as much meat as they like and the Taco Kit comes with the tacos preassembled.

Visit our chandostacos.com website and on the top right corner you will see a tab under Order Online then it will direct you to a different page where you will be able to choose any of our different online ordering platforms and it will allow you to choose the location where your order will be made.

Since all of our ordering platforms are a third party, for you to obtain a refund of your order, you will have to contact their customer support.