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Chando's Familia Packs

We have 3 different options of Family Packs.

Family Pack
1 Pound of protein feeds about 2-3 people.
Family Pack XL
2 Pounds of protein feeds about 4-6 people.

More options available.

What's included?

Can be ordered for delivery using Doordash, UberEats. Also can be ordered at any of our convenient locations.

Recommended for parties of:
2 – 10+ Guest

Chando's Taco Kits

When you order a Taco Kit it will give you the option to order however many tacos as you like.

If you order 50 tacos or more then you are eligible for complimentary chips and pico. We will only add the meat to the tortilla and place all the toppings on the side.

What's included?

Our Taco Kits require to be order 2 days in advance. Your order can be picked up at any Chando’s Tacos Restaurant.

Recommended for parties of:
10 – 75+ Guest


Let’s celebrate this season with delicious traditional tamales!

Offered Flavors:
-Individual: $2.50 + tax
-Dozen (12 tamales): $30 + tax
How would you like them? Choose between:
-Cooked (ready to eat)
-Raw (to cook at home)
Planning a big celebration? We have options for you!
Wholesale Order:
For deliveries of more than 15 dozen (180 tamales) to any location, we require at least 2 days’ notice to order. 
For same-day pickup, visit our West Sacramento location or call (916) 375-0075.


Looking for masa  for your tamales?
Don’t worry, we’ve got it!
99 cents per pound
And the masa?
-Unprepared (without lard, salt, and baking powder)
For deliveries to any location, we need at least 2 days’ notice to order. For same-day pickup, visit our West Sacramento location or call (916) 375-0075.
We hope you enjoy our seasonal masa and tamales during your special moments. Happy holidays!

Food Truck / Open flame

 The Open Flame set up will come with your very own Taqueros, three different types of protein options, Asada, Adobada, and Chicken. All of the meat will be freshly cooked on site right before your eyes and tacos are served directly from the BBQ grill.

Food Truck – Tacos served directly from the Chandos food truck. All of the toppings go on a side table for your guest to add them on. Toppings include onion, cilantro, salsa (red and green), guacamole, limes, radish, chips and pico.

The best option for large events, weddings, corporate parties

Recommended for parties of:
75 – 250+ Guest

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