Catering Sac State

Invite Chando's to your party!

Chando's Tacos Buffet

Tacos are served on Chafing Dishes and warmers. Your guest will have the chance to choose Chicken, Carne Asada, Pork Adobada, and Veggie Tacos. We will place all of the toppings on a side table for your guest to add to their plate. Toppings include onion, cilantro, salsa (red and green), guacamole, limes, radishes, chips, and pico.

Presentable; recommended for Faculty Staff, Students, and Conference meetings.

Recommended for parties of:
75 – 300+ Guest

Chando's Taco Kits

When you order a Taco Kit it will give you the option to order however many tacos as you like. If you order 50 tacos or more then you are eligible for complimentary chips and pico. We will only add the meat to the tortilla and place all the toppings on the side.

What's included?

Our Taco Kits require to be order 2 days in advance. Your order can be picked up at any Chando’s Tacos Restaurant.

Recommended for parties of:
10 – 75+ Guest