Large Event Catering

Bring Chando's to your next event

Our open taco bar which includes Chicken, Pork Adobada, and Carne Asada tacos. We also have veggie tacos which are available at no additional cost, upon request only. Our veggie tacos consist of sautéed Anaheim peppers, onions, and mushrooms grilled with cheese. Our open taco bar means that your guests can eat as much as they would like while we are on site.

Note: There will be no leftover food given back at the end of your event. The only food items given back are the popular add-ons that you purchased. You as the buyer will be responsible for your guest taking food off site. You will be charged accordingly for this food.(no carry out/to go plates given)

Food Truck

  • Trendy
  • Quick and Easy set-up (20-30 minutes required for set-up)
  • Serve directly from the food truck
  • Serve time is 2 hours for our minimum of 75 guests

Open Flame BBQ Grill

  • Presentable; recommended for wedding’s and formal events
  • You have your own taqueros on site, you can see your food being made
  • Meats are freshly cooked on site
  • Served directly from the bbq grill
  • 10’ x 10’ flat area is required
  • 1.5 hours required for set-up
  • Serve time is 2 hours for our minimum of 75 guests